Top 10 Drawing Gloves for Creatives

Drawing gloves, also known as artist gloves or two-finger gloves, are gloves that keep your drawing from staining traditional media such as paper.

In these modern times, these gloves reduce screen grease and friction with drawing tablets or iPads.

What are the best drawing gloves for creatives?

The best drawing gloves are those that perfectly fit your hands while allowing you to work efficiently and smoothly.

Since there are thousands of choices available, this compilation of the best drawing gloves will be able to narrow down your options.

So without keeping you waiting, here’s my list of the 10 best drawing gloves for creatives in 2022.

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10 Best Drawing Gloves For Creatives

  1. Articka Drawing Glove — Best overall
  2. XENCELABS Artist Glove — Best overall runner-up
  3. OTraki 4 Pack Artist Gloves — Best fitting
  4. XP-PEN Professional Artist Glove — Best budget
  5. Mudder Thickened Artist Glove — Best for cold hands
  6. SENHAI Artist Gloves — Best value
  7. Huion Cura CR-01 Artist Glove — Most flexible
  8. Mixoo 2 Pack Artist Gloves — Best 2-pack-sized
  9. Océu Artist Glove — Best for palm rejection
  10. Parblo PR-01 Two-Finger Glove — Best for bigger hands

How to choose the best drawing gloves

What are the most important considerations for a creative when purchasing drawing gloves?

There are certain characteristics to keep an eye out for and factors to weigh when looking for the best drawing gloves.

How to choose the best drawing gloves

The best drawing gloves have the ability to affect how efficiently you work and are critical in the process of creating brilliant masterpieces.

Generally, the best drawing gloves are those that fit your budget and your hands, thus allowing you to work hassle-free.

  1. Material
  2. Design
  3. Size
  4. Price

To further understand why these things should be considered, here’s a further explanation:

Drawing gloves are typically made of lycra or nylon material.

These types of fabric are both lightweight and flexible.

These are the two essential factors for a smudge-free drawing.

Anti-smudge designs allow your hands to glide and move as freely as possible while creating excellent work.

Human bodies naturally produce oils and sweat, so wearing gloves will allow us to work effectively despite the bodily liquids we emit.

These drawing gloves keep smudges off your tablet and digital creations, so this feature is a must-have.

Most artist gloves run true to size, but still, it is recommended to check the sizing for each brand as it may differ.

Choose a drawing glove that perfectly fits your palm and fingers.

The fact that an artist’s glove fits well is what makes it so effective at gliding across a drawing surface.

The price of these drawing gloves, like any other purchase, can make or break a decision.

You need not worry because these items are generally inexpensive.

Most drawing gloves cost less than $10, so take time to consider your options before making any purchases.

Given the above considerations, here’s the list of the best drawing gloves for creatives you can choose from.

1. Articka Drawing Glove

The Articka Drawing Glove is designed exclusively for digital artists and drawing tablets of all kinds.

The best overall drawing gloves for creatives.

You can wear it on both your left and right hand, and it is totally affordable.

Articka Drawing Glove

Despite the fact that the Articka glove is only available in two sizes, creatives will find it appealing due to its low price.

If you’re doing the conventional drawing, you can use it to avoid smudges and keep your hand from sticking to the surface.

This Articka glove allows your hand to glide across the drawing surface for more fluid drawing, sketching, or coloring.

If you tend to draw for long periods of time, these gloves are perfect because they are lightweight and flexible.

If you are looking for the best artist gloves, many contemporary illustrators prefer the Articka Drawing Glove.


Material: Lycra
7.9 inches
3.1 inches
8.5 grams


  1. Made of lycra
  2. Compatible with any drawing tablet.


  1. Can easily wear out
  2. Not breathable

Buy Articka Drawing Glove on Amazon

2. XENCELABS Artist Glove

The Xencelabs Artist Glove is one of the best drawing gloves you can find on the market today.

One of the best drawing gloves for creatives, aside from Articka.

It comes in three sizes, unlike many competitors, which only come in one or two.

XENCELABS Artist Glove

The Xencelabs glove is made of stretchable, flexible, and breathable lycra material.

The reduced friction between the palm and the drawing tablet allows you to have a more consistent and enjoyable experience.

The Xencelabs glove allows you to glide quickly and accurately, making it ideal for a long shift.

This right-hand drawing glove is ideal for any drawing tablet, pen tablet, or pen display.

If you are looking for the best drawing gloves, XENCELABS Artist Glove is a must-try pair.


Material: Lycra
8.7 inches
3.7 inches
20 grams


  1. There are three sizes available
  2. Flexible


  1. Only available in black
  2. Not so good stitches

Buy XENCELABS Artist Glove on Amazon

3. OTraki 4 Pack Artist Gloves

OTraki Artist Gloves are ideal for those who require one for each hand and those who need drawing gloves on a regular basis.

The best drawing gloves when it comes to fitting.

Each pack contains four of them and also comes with a small carrying case.

OTraki 4 Pack Artist Gloves

The OTraki glove’s excellent elasticity and comfortable material allow you to wear two gloves at the same time.

Its anti-fouling engineering and gentle lycra material improve digital artists’ workflow and efficiency.

The OTraki smallest glove measures 2.75 x 7.08 inches and is ideal for smaller hands.

These gloves are also thin and breathable enough to keep sweaty palms at bay.

If you are looking for the best fitting gloves for artists like you, the OTraki 4 Pack Active Gloves will be a good fit.


Material: Lycra
8.6 inches
3.54 inches
39.6 grams


  1. Four gloves for the price of one
  2. The size can fit kids


  1. Not for bigger hands
  2. Only one color is available

Buy OTraki 4 Pack Active Gloves on Amazon

4. XP-PEN Professional Artist Glove

The XP-Pen Artist Glove is a professional tool for digital artists who use graphic tablets.

The best budget drawing gloves.

The gloves are lightweight, soft, and feel great in your hand.

XP-PEN Professional Artist Glove

These XP-Pen gloves are for drawing tablets and come with the purchase of an XP pen tablet.

Although they are made for XP-Pen tablets, they work with any tablet screen.

The XP-Pen glove’s classic black color keeps it clean, and the two-finger design is convenient and dependable.

There are sizes based on the size of your palm, but the gloves are stretchy enough to fit comfortably on both hands.

If you are looking for the best budget drawing gloves in town, the XP-Pen Professional Artist Glove will never let you down.


Material: Lycra
7.5 inches
3.3 inches
18 grams


  1. Affordable and durable
  2. Compatible with all drawing tablets


  1. Not washable
  2. One-color only

Buy XP-Pen Professional Artist Glove on Amazon

5. Mudder Thickened Artist Glove

The Mudder Artist Glove is made of breathable, long-lasting nylon that has been thickened to keep your drawing hand warm.

The best drawing gloves for cold hands.

This is perfect for artists who work for longer hours, thus making their hands cold.

Mudder Thickened Artist Glove

This thickened glove is a one-size-fits-all item that is perfectly comfy and suitable for either hand.

These convenient and efficient materials can help you work longer hours while keeping your tablet smudge and palm print-free.

This Mudder’s glove is very effective at preventing touch input through the glove as you glide your hand across the screen.

The glove’s material is slightly thick but extremely comfortable.

If you are looking for the best drawing gloves for your cold hands, then the Mudder Thickened Artist Glove is the ultimate solution.


Material: Lycra
7.8 inches
3.14 inches
8 grams


  1. One-size fits all
  2. Comfortable to wear


  1. The fabric is too thick
  2. Not for warm weather

Buy Mudder Thickened Artist Glove on Amazon

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