Learn how to use layout in graphic design with Timothy Samara.

In the 24th episode of On Branding Podcast, Arek Dvornechuck interviews Timothy Samara and we talk about graphic design layout.

Listen to this episode:

Also check out his book “Making and Breaking the Grid”

Are you looking for a brand strategy agency in New York that will help you scale your business to its maximum potential with effective branding?

As your business competes in the marketplace, you must develop a brand strategy that will allow you to stand out and build a solid foundation for growth.

With a solid strategy, you can position your brand for success in 2021.

To do this, you will need to run branding exercises and define your brand both internally and externally, which is quite complicated to do on your own.

Now this is where brand strategy focused agencies come in, because their strategic approach can help companies grow and expand.

Rebranding and brand creation are the services offered by these agencies.

Are you looking to become a marketing strategist? — Check out my top courses on marketing strategy available online in 2021.

The digital marketing industry is growing exponentially.

According to PR Newswire, the digital marketing industry is expected to grow to $640 billion by 2027, up from $322 billion in 2020.

So, this begs the question: What are the best ways to learn marketing strategy to take advantage of that?

How do you learn marketing strategy?

You don’t have to actually go to school and get diploma to become a marketing expert — you can simply enroll in an online course.

From social media to affiliate and SEO marketing, you can find plenty of free and paid courses online that will…

Top 10 Logo & Branding Mockups & Templates for Designer
Top 10 Logo & Branding Mockups & Templates for Designer

Check out my list of the best logo branding mockups in 2021 that will help you present your design projects with ease.

If you want to save time searching for the best suitable professional logo and branding mockups to showcase your designs, I suggest giving my top picks a shot.

Creating designs for your logo and branding projects does not have to be so time-consuming.

When the internet is full of striking logos and branding mockup templates just one click away, why would you want to spend so much time creating your own?

Top 10 Best Free Logo Makers Online & Why They All Suck
Top 10 Best Free Logo Makers Online & Why They All Suck

Designing a logo for your brand can be costly, but not if you do it yourself by using one of the free logo makers available online.

As a logo designer myself I would never ever recommend logo makers to anyone.

Logo makers essentially offer you “pre-designed”, random and often generic graphics — a horrendous way to work on your logo.

Remember that your logo is the most visible element of your brand.

Your logo therefore should be unique (unlike anything else), relevant (appropriate for your business) and simple (can be easily remembered) so therefore it should be custom designed by a professional.

However, hiring a design agency, a freelancer or even launching a design contest can be quite costly especially for start-ups and small businesses.


Finding the right font can be a hassle, that’s why I’ve compiled a massive list of the best that designers love to use in their projects.

As a graphic designer, your projects may require all kinds of different fonts.

Fonts play a key part in any type of graphic design work — they determine the aesthetics of a project.

What are the most popular fonts that professional graphic designers use?

To help you select your favorites, I’ve put together a massive list of 70 best fonts for your inspiration.

Get the very best Adobe discounts available in 2021 on a range of creative apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more.

Adobe is responsible for some of the best creative software out there.

It’s the industry standard when it comes to graphic design, photography, video editing and many other creative disciplines.

10 Best Professional Fonts for Graphic Designers
10 Best Professional Fonts for Graphic Designers

Find a style guide template and customize it for your needs to enable brand consistency in every type of content you create.

Professional designers know that in addition to geometrical shapes, signs, and symbols, the font is an integral part of their work, and it makes the whole composition.

Typography is at the core of all branding material, and graphic designers spend a lot of time choosing the best fonts for their designs to look professional.

Every designer needs a solid set of professional fonts in their collection.

The fonts you end up using will go hand in hand with the company colors and logo.

With thousands of typefaces out there, choosing the right font to embody what a brand stands for…

A massive list of 100+ best style guides including brand books, manuals and other design standards to get inspired when creating your guidelines.

Looking for style guide examples to inspire your brand? — I’ve compiled an enormous list of some of the best brands and their style guides.

If you want to build recognition and differentiation, you need to pay close attention to how your brand assets are being used.

Branding is all about consistency and style guides are tools to help you achieve that.

Best brands stick in our brains because they are very consistent in the way they use their logo, fonts, colors and other visual assets.

The Ultimate List of Brand Strategy Resources (May 2021)
The Ultimate List of Brand Strategy Resources (May 2021)

A huge library of paid and free brand strategy resources to help you become a strategic designer.‍

*Updated in May 2021

If you’re asking yourself:

“Where can I learn how to do brand strategy?”

You’re definitely in the right place, because with my top picks, the world is your oyster.

A several years ago I set out to learn brand strategy, so I’ve checked out every book, course, workshop, framework and worksheet available out there — everything I could find on the internet.

You will learn about different elements of brand strategy (brand purpose, mission vision, values etc.) as well as how to actually run brand strategy workshops, how to sell brand strategy, how to draw insights…

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